Badges enhance learning, increase motivation and engagement

Our system is up and running, and you can start earning a digital badge right now! For example, earn one and become a Course Creator when you complete How to Create a Learninate Course, or by taking The Scrambled Eggs Challenge! You can also use the Learninate Recruiting Drive! form to earn Recruiter badges for inviting friends to register.

Course Creator badge - Badge icon "Lecturer (1499)" provided by The Noun Project under Creative Commons CC0 - No Rights Reserved  Cooking Level 1 badge - Badge icon "Hamburger (153)" provided by The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

As we publish new courses, new badges will entice users to complete them. We will begin with learning categories like the already mentioned Cooking, Programming, Drawing, etc. Finish one course for a Level 1 badge, two courses for Level 2, five courses for Level 3, and so on. In the future, expect to see them for individual courses and from well-known teachers.

Increasing importance

Badges have documented, displayed, and celebrated accomplishments for centuries. Many institutions of learning have adopted forms of badging to varying degrees of success.The information economy and gig economy changes at an always accelerating rate. It’s hard enough to keep up, and then how do we show our progress? A system to award, display, and share badges for learning seems obvious. My Microsoft Educator Community Achievement page is a fantastic way for me to show off what I’ve learned there. Why not have your own page for personal, informal, independent learning?


  • Accomplish: A visual symbol increases our sense of achievement.
  • Recognize: We feel proud when others see our accomplishments.
  • Motivate: Positive feelings from being recognized make us want to achieve more.
  • Connect: A digital badge serves as a point of contact for social interactions.
  • Celebrate: Sharing via social media invites others to join in our positive experiences.

It’s fun!

We are natural collectors! The beauty of badges is that each one has information about something you have done, learn, or made. Why not start your collection now, and then watch it grow as we expand our offerings and possibilities?