Call for learning content creators (teachers too)

At Learninate, everyone is both a learner and a teacher. Indeed, the highest mode of learning is teaching, and the best teachers are those who are as much engaged in learning as their students.

That’s why all you need to do to become a Learninate teacher is complete one course, How To Create A Learninate Course, which is merely a guide to help navigate the system.

So now, at the very outset, this is a call for anyone with knowledge, expertise, skills, abilities, etc, to share.


What inspires you? Share your curiosity and passion!

My dream is to build a community for sharing all kinds of learning from cooking to sports, history to beauty tips, music to woodworking.

I want to harness the charm of the informal, and the empathetic understanding inherent in conversation.


Essentially, at this stage, Learninate is a test of vulnerability. At a time when innumerable forces vie for our attention, it’s quite a risk to apply time and energy to anything. Generally, we apply minimal effort to our online interactions, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s fun!

Learninate is something deeper than that, though, and will not only require time and effort, but also leaving the computer or putting down your device to try something new. It’s not meant to be a diversion or pastime. Sometimes, screen time should be meaningful and productive.

My promise is to keep building, organizing, promoting, and encouraging learning in all its forms.

I hope you will join me.