The sizes are The sizes are: small (500g) tiny (2kg) small (2kg), medium (5kg). Granite rocks can be found within the Desert Quarry south of the Bandit Camp in the Kharidian Desert. There is many Granite rocks to choose from and they are respawned quickly that you’ll be engaged in mining just 3-4 rocks. Find a suitable spot for long-lasting mining sessions.

Be sure to stay hydrated by taking Waterskins or use the power of Desert amulet 4 to stay safe from dying from the scorching desert scorching heat.

The methods listed below for leveling up Mining are designed for players who want be able to make OSRS gold and also level up Mining or performing things in the background and prefer AFK leveling techniques over the more intensive ones that are listed above.

Level 30 to 99 Mining

Motherlode Mine opens its door to you at the Level 30 of Mining. It is suggested to go into to the Motherlode Mine at level 72+ Mining since you’ll have access to the higher mining level, which is located closer than the main hopper.

It is possible that we mentioned this particular name while talking regarding our Prospector kit. This is where you purchase it.

The Motherlode Mine, you’ll be mining pay-dirt, then dump everything into the hopper, and then reclaim your actual amount from the bag. The amount you earn is contingent on the level of your mining.

This leveling technique for mining is a bit slow and, therefore, not AFK-able, however it is profitable. It is recommended for those who require OSRS gold, however when you’re a rich player, then powermining is the path to the top.

You can reach The Motherlode Mine by using a Skills necklace, and then selecting Mining Guild. It’s only a short distance from there.

Level Mining 61-99

Have you ever noticed those shiny rocks you often come across when you mine iron, mithril or any other ore rock?

Tell “Goodbye” goodbye to RNG Now it is possible to mine the sparkling rocks in a controlled manner. It is believed that the Shilo Village mine in Karamja is home to Gems rocks. When you’ve completed the difficult jobs in the Karamja Diary you can swing your pickaxe on these shining stones and then trade the rocks with gold.

Gem mining isn’t the most effective for experience and should only be used until you have reached the level of 75 Mining and are able to gain access to the Blast Mine.

At its highest stage but gem rock mining can be extremely lucrative. Be sure to utilize your Amulet of glory to speed up bank accounts!

Level 70-99 Mining

Like the earlier method, Volcanic Mine also has certain prerequisites. You must earn at least 150 Kudos at the Varrock Museum and pay 30 numulites each time you visit the mine.

In contrast to other strategies that are available, this one is carried out in a group to earn better XP rates as well as more revenue. It is important to let other miners know that you’re interested! There are also a few stubborn “lone at wolves” who are willing to go the mining industry on their own…

It is said that the Volcanic Mine can be a risky location: there’s the lava, there are rocks falling over your head, and there are monsters relentless in trying to offer you rapid teleportation to Lumbridge.

Oh and, it is susceptible to collapse.

Despite these obvious shortcomings even though they are obvious, the Volcanic Mine is an appealing option because you mine a massive chunk of lava floating around for ore fragments rather than ore itself. The fragments can be stacked and allow you to continue to mine indefinitely as long as you outlast the dangers of the mine.

Not to mention it can be a lot of entertaining!
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Alternative Mining Leveling Methods

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