So which means outerwear and outfits will not move? That is still a massive fuck you to NA players who spent money and nobody needs to scratch anymore to be fair… Well we do know we could bring over weapons and weapons, so they PSO2 Meseta could manage outfits/outerwear the exact same way. We do see old Ash running along with his old outfit in the trailer. The footage they showed of this Placeholder Otherwise called Ash has him sporting his trademark default Close Quarters outfit. It’s still no difficult confirmation, but technically that’d mean he took him to NGS. FWIW that ensemble is also available as basewear in JP so it is even more uncertain… but yeah I would wager a solid 10k meseta on outfits and outerwear also transferring.

We do not know how outerwear & Films will do the job exactly, chances are they’ll be usable on NGS however we won’t have the ability to list them on the NGS participant market as not to effect the economy. We don’t understand how outerwear & Films will do the job just, chances are they’ll be usable on NGS but we will not be able to list them on the NGS player market as not to influence the economy. This just wouldn’t make sense, I’m sure we will get outfits & outerwear they probably just need to think of some restrictions first. We won’t know for sure until at least August 7th which is when the following PSO2 flow for JP is.

There will be two AC scratches in NA during this time… I don’t know that they’ll enjoy the reduced income. That is what I believe only foundation wear and stuff that you use and is secured to you like you have to visit the salon to change it everything else I dont think will and even then that is still not 100 percent since they didn’t mention it if they can talk about room stuff and emotes they could have talk about this too. We’ll only have to await more information if anything I would be more worried that they did not talk on it straight to be fair. Just like they are holding off till afterwards as the lash back from the whales. Lets calm down for a second here, if you consider this logically there’s absolutely no way in hell they wouldn’t bring over the outfits if they’re already letting us bring over firearms, units and mags. AC/SG is the life blood that brings the cash in and keeps the servers on, if they didint plan to let us bring that over then noone will spend a dime more that means no gain for them.

I’m with you if they can mention other stuff rather than this something iffy I could be incorrect sure but so odd to me I feel like they alluded to this subject that’s very worrying to me really seeing as they said a bunch of other things. They have not mentioned if the skins people have bought will carry over. I’m kind of surprised they have not announced this yet; fashion is a massive deal for a lot of people in PSO2. I am kind of surprised they have not announced this yet; fashion is a massive deal for a lot of people in Buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta.