EA’s sports games appear to be inseparable from the criticisms often attributed to microtransactions, even though they’re the most infuriating offenders. Maybe it’s to do with games like Star Wars: Battlefront II appeal to gamers with core interests who are more knowledgeable about and less prone to different types of illicit microtransactions. Whatever the reason, EA must know it’s just a matter of time before loot box games are regulated by more and more governments across the globe, yet the company’s shortsightedness isn’t a problem when FIFA games generate large profits in the short term.

There are soccer leagues all over the world putting off matches due to COVID-19 The Spanish football league La Liga has come up with an innovative method of in the game: by playing the FIFA 23 competition, get cheap Fut 23 Coins. The weekend before, Sevilla and Real Betis played their game online for FIFA 23. The match featured Sergio Reguilon playing for Sevilla and Borja Iglesias representing Real Betis. The match was watched by more than 60.000 viewers on the internet.

This is at a time that many soccer clubs across Europe are participating in a FIFA 23 tournament known as the Ultimate QuaranTeam. Coronavirus is causing nations around the world to advise their citizens to engage in social distancing and even take shelter in their homes for a period of time Many companies are affected. This is also true for soccer, and the sport is now off the table in the near future.

The original idea of playing soccer behind closed doors, which means that no fans would be in attendance however, due to the most recent steps to limit the spread of coronavirus, a number of soccer leagues like La Liga in Spain La Liga, have suspended the games for a certain period of duration of FIFA 23 Coins on mmoexp.com.

FIFA 23 games generate large profits in the short term

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