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So, I studying treasure paths, and some site said”Do NOT dig multiple times, this may spawn multiple Zamorak wizards!” Zamorak wizards have a rather decent 730 lp, are variety feeble, and commonly drop 45 passing runes. So, obviously, we ought to… CHIN ZAMMY WIZARDS!!!

Once ready, turn them , then junk dig together with the spade. Zamorak wizards will spawn. Chin them. Subsequently, spam dig again. Return to chinning.

The Price: 1 reddish chinchompa = 600 gp, 1 passing rune = 400gp.

1 45 death rune drop pays for 30 chinchompas, which probably takes 1 prayer potion to preserve, which is probably enough to kill approximately 20 wizards. So, in the event the death rune drop is 10 percent, then you break even. However:

A) The passing rune speed is likely greater than that. B ) It probably does not actually take an whole pot to throw 30 chins.

Any flaws? Please examine and discuss.

Runescape Poh Layout Template

This is not supposed to be a submission for a Guide on Sal’s or something. It’s really just a rough sketch. I just thought I might talk about it because it helped me and might help a different player if they’re getting frustrated with the way their house is”shaping up”, so to speak.

Below is a Template for making a layout for your”home of your dreams”. I created it because I had been getting frustrated with Rs3 gold my house and the way jumbled up the chambers were. It was just like a rats’ maze trying to get to a number of the rooms because I did not think so much about placement when I started producing my POH. Now I have my rooms right where I want them in a really efficient layout for me.