While I was fighting in my Armageddon, I found that some of the features in combat — specifically ammo — are clearly missing. Each weapon doesn’t take ammo at EVE Echoes — whether it’s a technical limitation or a means to make the experience simpler for mobile EVE Mobile ISK players is something we are going to have to discover. But it was nice to just warp in and begin shooting versus ensuring I had the ideal sort of ammo slotted for my own weapons and range.

I concentrated a bit too hard on the NPCs, though, as I found myself beginning to take harm from another vessel. It turns out it was just another media manhood — Brendan out of MassivelyOP — who ended my EVE Echoes career logging a PvP kill during our play session. I realized my mistake too late too and was not able to escape. Remember when I said you don’t wish to always orbit your enemy?

Well I orbited the wrong enemy, and he made my bunny and me pay together with our Iives.

Like I respawned in a new clone body back at our starting channel, it made me wonder whether or not EVE Echoes are going to have the legs CCP is hoping it’ll have. NetEase have a ton of experience with cellular MMORPGs — and CCP Games has done a decent job cultivating a sandbox environment where any player can go from being an F1 jockey to living their particular Cold War-esque spy novel. Will the install base of EVE Echoes have sufficient direction to replicate the sort of amazing stories EVE has generated?

Also, the number of EVE Vets can make the leap from PC to cellular? Can EVE Echoes be persuasive enough to vets to enjoy their favorite game, but on the go? The bet will probably be coming in December, so it will be interesting to see what happens then. And while New Eden will be wiped before the match officially”starts,” if CCP and NetEase can recapture that formulation that has worked well on PC, EVE Echoes ISK For Sale may take over the cellular space as the premiere MMORPG on the platform.