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Why won’t my Microsoft Solitaire open?

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    Sheldon Copper

    Microsoft solitaire in one of the famous games that people are used to playing on their windows system as it is inbuilt with the windows operating system. Sometimes Microsoft solitaire won’t open dues to some issues that is why we came up with this blog to overcome the issues of Microsoft Solitaire in your system. If you are also having the same troubles with your Microsoft solitaire then keep reading the blog as it helps you to resolve the issue that you are having.

    If you’re having problems with the Microsoft Solitaire downloading, installing, or working, try one of the following

    Reset Microsoft Solitaire
    Reinstall the Microsoft Solitaire
    Run the Windows 10 app troubleshooter
    Reset Windows Store cache
    Update the Windows Operating System
    Update the Windows Apps Store
    Download the new version of Microsoft Solitaire App

    Reset Microsoft Solitaire Collection

    Press Win+I keyboard hotkeys.
    Click on the System to visit the system settings.
    Then, from the left side panel of that window visit Apps & features.
    Now scroll down to find the entry named Microsoft Solitaire Collection.
    Click on Microsoft Solitaire Collection entry, then pick Advanced options.
    Now, click on the Reset button to the Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

    Uninstall and then reinstall Microsoft Solitaire Collection

    Open the Start Menu.
    Search for PowerShell.
    Click on the search result named Windows PowerShell and select run it as an administrator the windows popup.
    Type the Get-AppxPackage solitaire collection | Remove-AppxPackage into the elevated instance of Windows PowerShell and press Enter:
    Wait till the command is successfully executed, at that point Microsoft Solitaire Collection will have been successfully uninstalled from your device.
    Close the elevated prompt of Windows PowerShell and restart your device at your convenience.
    As your device restarts, open the Windows Apps Store and search for, download, and install Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

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