Looking at the map, RS gold is huge! There is just too many small towns and villages to mention, so”sorry” when I did not mention your fav… Even some POHs rival some tiny towns in proportion and attributes… Open-ended question, here… What say you?

Jagex has a new beta event because of the mad scientist costume and it is Barrows this time. Too poor to the skillers and reduced levels as it is almost impossible for them to get the final part… But for the moderate levels it should be a piece of cake, right? And completely collapsed at Ahrim, which should be very easy but I just couldn’t hit the guy at all (the only strikes were out of my deflect prayer, I believe ).We recognise that some in the community have mixed feelings concerning the Squeal of Fortune and, whilst we spend a great deal of time and effort producing game experiences that resonate with the majority of our gamers, the truth is due to the epic size of our community it simply is not possible to please all of our players all of the time despite desperately trying too. Therefore our doctrine has always been to do what is right for the long term wellbeing of the sport, true many of the long standing participant will know I have always done over the years no matter the initial pain, with the not so distant Bot nuke a great example. I can confidently state that we’ve always been rewarded for doing the right thing in the long run and the reality today is that the game isn’t just always improving but our neighborhood steadily grows year on year.

That said, all of the comments we get for our upgrades and the way the community participate with it’s still vitally important to us. We have been reading your posts on the forums and listened to some concerns. Because of your comments, we implemented a few changes to the manner Squeal of Fortune functions, such as adding new tactics to get additional spins as in-game rewards and also introducing extra payment protection for all in game purchases when players notified us it was an issue.

Old school rs gold continues to grow more than ever.