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Oh geez oh geez oh geez oh geez oh geez what’s going on?

What’s the matter? I’m supposed to be helping, right? yes, that was stressful.

Okay, you’ve got an eating plan for one second let me just all right but you’re not going to do anything higher road serve you’ve changed your clothes, take a moment to change them to your current model.

This was an amazing transformation from your old model to your current model . It was really amazing. Why can’t more people change their appearance like that? This was amazing right that was absolutely amazing.

I would like to see garage do that next oh wait garage’s ism may be an all-new model isn’t it? Well, he was seen as an old model as well I’m not sure.

why once you die you’re likely to return to the old model hungry is it going to happen, right? Right. Dying. Me by myself won’t kill me. You’re the ones who’ll be dying. Boom, look at that. 64 You didn’t make a change. You didn’t change back.
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