when you collect the emblems of Valor through raids, it’s likely to be straightforward. It’s not going to be too complicated with you know, diverse 20 different levels of emblems.

Again, they are similar to badges of justice , for instance the TBC badge. TBC another big modification is that knacks are getting buffed. It’s true that they kind of felt like, Blizzard did it too much when they first introduced it. This raid was almost never played back in, you know the first Vanilla World of Warcraft, and then you know, they wanted to make it more wrathful so that more people could play the experience. It was a truly cool level.

I remember doing it once and I was like, wow this is amazing back in wrath. I was somewhat excited to do it yet again, but they thought it was overdone. It’s true that the difficulty of vanilla Naxxramas 2006 was too much after which they over-nerfed it and felt it was too simple. Now everyone is getting a boost and the players in the raid, and those monsters . They’re going to be able to do more damage.

They’ll do, they’re gonna have more health. And I actually surveyed everyone 80% of people like that change. It’s very cool. I guess it was just way too easy. Now, in the absence of any random dungeon explorer, Blizzard is also introducing a new group finder tool. Most people wouldn’t be super crazy about this however, you do must use it. If you even want to participate in the searching groups channel you’ll need to be included in the tool for group finders.

So we’ll just kind of force you to comply. That’s a really big change. You can list you know for shamans, you can list yourself as a tank. If you’re a shaman, that is.
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