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I certainly hope that Madden NFL 24

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    We required Jim Haslett and his defense to join forces and bring us into Mut 24 Coins the playoffs.

    The game plan defensive coordinator Haslett devised was certainly impressive, but it was executed flawlessly and resulted in Tony Romo and the Cowboys shocked. The Redskins launched blitz after blow in effort to get to Romo before he could make a play. Sometimes, they would cover a blitz with similar looks but sometimes they did not try to conceal it at all.

    local takeaways: Seahawks

    Kenneth Arthur of Field Gulls reviews the Seahawks conclusion to the season and looks forward to Washington:

    I certainly hope that Madden NFL 24 is going to ignore the Seahawks once more and instead pick the Redskins with their Most Outstanding Rookie of the YearRobert Griffin III and their seven straight wins over Seattle. Please do count the Seahawks out. That’s exactly what this team is all about. We, you and I are Seattle supporters. We wereborn with an itch on our shoulders. There’s nothing we’re handed. It wasn’t the case with Richard Sherman, or Wilson, or Doug Baldwin, or Brandon Browner. An even win? A 90-yard drive to score the touchdown? Griffin winning the NFC East on national television? Phew!

    The winner will face either the 49ers or Falcons. If the Vikings upset the Packers in Buy Mut Coins Madden 24 the playoffs, the winner of Seahawks-Redskins will face the 49ers. But if Green Bay takes care of their business at home Seahawks-Redskins winner will go to Atlanta the following week.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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