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Miguel Almiron has won the FC 24 Player

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    If you are looking to FC 24 Coins complete more Player SBCs, check out these guides:

    POTM Miguel Almiron Out of Position IcardiEnd of an Era HiguainFC 24 POTM Miguel Almiron SBC – Cheapest Cost & Solution

    Newcastle rsquos Miguel Almiron has won the FC 24 Player of the Month (POTM) for October and has received an SBC item in the game.

    The Paraguayan scored six goals in as many games across the month. Almiron beat out the likes of Kevin de Bruyne and Erling Haaland to win the award.

    Here is the cheapest way to complete this SBC!

    To complete the Almiron SBC you will need to submit quite a few high-rated players. The SBC will cost you around 95,000 coins!

    For this SBC you will need the following amount of these overalls. We have also provided a guide to the cheapest players in each overall!

    84 Rated Players ndash 8Cheapest 84 Rated Players in FC 2485 Rated Players ndash 1Cheapest 85 Rated Players in FC 2487 Rated Players ndash 3Cheapest 87 Rated Players in FC 24
    Make sure to check your club for untradeable items as this will make this SBC much cheaper.

    This SBC does not require chemistry so you can place players in any position.

    If you wish to create your own solution, you can follow our SBC rating combination guide. You will be able to buy EAFC 24 Coins create solutions using players in your own club!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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