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Peyton Manning broke the Madden NFL 24 record for passing

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    The winner will play either the 49ers or Falcons. If the Vikings upset the Packers, the Seahawks-Redskins winner will meet the 49ers. But if Green Bay takes care of their business at home Seahawks-Redskins champion will travel to Mut 24 Coins Atlanta next week.

    This Stream: This Stream Seahawks vs. Redskins 2013. Madden NFL 24 Playoffs Seattle advance with Wild Card win with a win Washington Seahawks fan infiltrates D.C. RGIII vs. Russell Wilson tops Wild Card weekend. View every one of the 42 storiesPeyton Manning surpasses his record in TD passes in a single season

    Peyton Manning broke the Madden NFL 24 record for passing touchdowns within a season by scoring four touchdowns in the Denver Broncos’ win over the Houston Texans in Week 16. Manning now has 51 passing touchdown passes in the current season, beating Tom Brady and the 50 touchdown passes he completed in 2007 with players from the New England Patriots.

    Similar to Brady in 2007. Manning’s record-breaking season could earn him Madden NFL 24 MVP honors. Manning has received MVP awards four times throughout his career and is considered the frontrunner to earn the title a sixth time. He now has 5.211 yards running this season and has thrown only 10 interceptions to go with his staggering number of touchdowns.

    Perhaps the most impressive aspect concerning Manning’s 53 touchdown passes is how distributed they’ve been. Demaryius Thomas Julius Thomas, Eric Decker and Wes Welker all have at minimum 10 touchdown receptions. In 2007 only Randy Moss had double-digit touchdown receptions for the Patriots, with 23 on Mut Coins Madden 24 the season.

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