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The early FC 24 ratings leaks are focused primarily

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    Will Brentford be able to cope with Ivan Toney missing until January? By the looks of FC 24 Coins things, yes! But there is no doubt that the Englishman will give them something a bit different up top on his return, bringing great physicality and an eye for goals.

    Ben Mee may not be the most exciting player around, but he sits pretty high up in the Brentford ratings. A solid, no-nonsense center-back, happy to battle it out with any attacker in the Premier League. Mee has been there and done it, but he may need replacing sooner rather than later in any manager save.

    It shows that the Brentford squad could do with some improvement in FC 24 when another CB features in their top ratings. Ethan Pinnock is faster than Mee and better with the ball at his feet, so will be preferred to use in-game.

    Flying full-back Rico Henry could be one to watch out for in early Ultimate Team sides thanks to his blistering pace. The Englishman is great at carrying the ball up the field, but his final product could use some work. EA Sports FC 24 Brentford ratings leaks

    As you’d expect, the early FC 24 ratings leaks are focused primarily on the best in the game. This means Brentford don’t feature just yet, but they are certainly worth keeping an eye on. EA Sports FC 24 Spurs ratings – Full team predictions, leaks, and transfers

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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