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The most offensively-minded FUT managers

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    Federico Valverde is a pacey (86 PAC) central midfielder who has FC 24 Coins the most physically present (80 PHY) on the field. At 78. his passing ability could be improved this is the reason it is best to pair him together with Sergio Canales Madrazo, whose 85-rated passing is a perfect match for Valverde’s weaknesses. At 12.000 coins, these two make for a cost-effective central midfield pair that is balanced which should last for many more games.

    The fact is that the central midfield area is one of the areas on the field where speed isn’t really a factor however, it can be useful in the middle in the field. People looking to make use of this feature can choose Marcos Llorente (88 pace) and Alejandro Gomez (87 pace) which will cost players approximately 20.000 or 10.000 coins respectively. If you’re looking to improve their chemistry while saving some coins, Matheus Cunha (85 pace) might be the better choice than Gomez with only 800 coins.

    The most offensively-minded FUT managers do not need to spend a fortune for top-quality cameras. The Real Sociedad’s David Silva and Real Madrid’s Isco might not be at their prime however, they’re still excellent midfielders with an exceptional ability to make precise through passes. Silva’s passing rate is 87. Isco’s is rated at 80. They’re also excellent dribblers, with the dribbling ratings of 87 and 88. respectively. They’re definitely on a slower side, however, and are most effective by teams that concentrate on the efficient transfer that the ball makes from midfield to the edges of the field to get picked up by fast players on the wings.

    Left midfielder/winger best alternative: Eden Hazard Budget option Lucas Ocampos Pace option Vinicius Jr.

    The injuries he has suffered have led to Eden Hazard a disappointing signing for Real Madrid. He has been hailed as the perfect substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo but the Belgian player has not been able to match the form he showed during his Chelsea time. He has the OVR of 85 OVR rating, however and a dribbling rated of 88. Hazard can still provide moments of pure magic when playing FC 24. At a price of 5.000. This ex- Ballon D’or candidate should be an obvious buy for anyone who wants to build a La Liga team build.

    The splash of 10.000 on Hazard might already be considered a bargain player, but those who are looking to reduce costs can consider a more affordable option in Lucas Ocampos. The Sevilla forward is a quick (81 Pac) and a strong (84 PHY) player who could pose an extremely dangerous threat outside the penalty box thanks to his shot-rate of 84. His cards are typically purchased for about 1.500 coins, making Ocampos an incredible bargain given the value could he bring to the table.

    Vinicius Jr. is among the most outstanding players for the club in La Liga so far this season. A large portion of it is due to the Brazilian’s young speed. Vinicius Jr. is one of the top La Liga player in FC 24 and is tied for fourth fastest player all-around. The shooting of his basic card may be disappointing (70) However, the player is a good dribbler who has EA FC 24 Coins five-star skills and is available at a price of around 3.500 coins. Amath Ndiaye as well as Alvaro Garcia offer budget-friendly options for 500 coins however, while both are speedy (92 speed) but their other numbers aren’t that impressive.

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