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What might be coming for Seattle in Madden 24

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    As the no. 2 overall selection, Griffin received much of the national spotlight early on in Mut 24 Coins the season, but Wilson’s play match-ups his play down the stretch. The Seahawks kept things in check early in the season, however, Wilson made important plays when called upon. Over the second half, Wilson has developed into a strong passer in the pocket , as well as in the open field in keeping defenses on their toes, and also establishing an entanglement and a rapport with Sidney Rice and Golden Tate. He’s not prone to mistakes, finishing the season with 26 touchdown passes, and only 10 interceptions.

    Like Griffin, Wilson is also a danger when he’s on the ground, regardless of whether it’s planned or extended through scrambling. He averaged more than five yards of rushing this season , adding four rushing touchdowns. But it’s Lynch who’s the mainstay in the backfield, with an average of five yards per carry with the second-highest number attempted attempts of the NFL. Similar to Wilson, Lynch rarely coughs the ball up, he’s lost just two fumbles all year. A high turnover margin is often the best way to win on road however, the two players Lynch and Wilson rarely give it away.

    Local Takes: Redskins

    Hogs Haven breaks down the film on Haslett’s plan to keep pounding the Cowboys and speculates on what might be coming for Seattle:

    We required Jim Haslett and his defense to work together to in our journey to the playoffs.

    And the game plan that defensive coordinator Haslett came up with was definitely innovative, however it was executed flawlessly, and resulted in Tony Romo and the Cowboys in shock. The Redskins were sending blitz after blitz in effort to get to Romo before he could make a play. Sometimes they disguised the blitz using similar styles however, at other times they weren’t trying to Madden 24 Coins hide the fact completely.

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