Since Meseta pso2 graphics and engine are getting updated high match PSO2NGS, so all (or most of) PSO2 cosmetics should be getting updated to fit, I imagine a fantastic deal of their first-party skins/outfits/accessories/etc will take over. In terms of their collab/crossover event cosmetic items, I would not be so sure if they make it into NGS. I’m sure they would love to announce all makeup will be ported over but that is a huge commitment. No reason to shoot yourself in the foot declaring that most, but not all, makeup will be ported and risk deterring people from scratching. There are a good deal of outfits using gloves, those would require a lot of effort to convert.

They’re getting upgraded, but I doubt that the difference is going to be anywhere near as dramatic as NG. You may only do this much with present environments/models. Which leads me to believe PSO2 will run on the specific same Graphics engine as NGS. Same engine doesn’t mean same quality of resources. They can probably update textures/lighting and stuff, but I seriously doubt they are doing any serious remodeling of the environments. This makes me think you can select to use the old or new avatars in the base PSO2 so maybe the cosmetics would just work on the old avatars. You think they’d want to mention cosmetics are transferred but they are being intentionally vague. Saying they move would increase sales, being obscure would marginally lose sales, and confirming they do not move would increase sales. If I understood they did not transfer, I understand what option I would take. All speculation though.

If I recall correctly they talked about that at the character creator area.

Given that essentially zero development communicates over with you, what’s supposed to be my motivation to keep on playing with PSO2 if I plan on playing NGS? I kind of understand the allure for the JP version of the game since they have had nearly a decade of PSO2, but here in NA we literally just got our hands on the base game and now we have to manage this announcement? This whole thing just kinda feels. . .messy. Shit I honestly want PSO2 Meseta for sale was never released from the west and we can just start with NGS. At least that way I do not have to feel like my 100+ hours in PSO2 haven’t been a waste… Zero leveling progression, units/weapons proceed over, so um, what? Those are the greatest things to really go for at this moment.