The man did a great job of defeating Elvarg! He didn’t turn on prayer in any way. (Aside: I remember Elvarg being tough to conquer. The bizarre thing is, for all the greater att/str/def/prayer/armor I had, it seemed like he had an easier battle against Elvarg than that did. I know that OSRS gold it is probably because I wasn’t facing the dragonfire myself, it seemed easier when he fought the dragon compared to once I did. I suppose the requirements for Dragon Slayer aren’t as elevated as I believed?

(2) that I wasn’t wearing any armor whilst fishing at Musa Point. After the guy headed for the volcano, I didn’t have the time to rush to the bank and find some armor. So I just went . I ran past it but it followed me. I was busy seeing the man fight Elvarg, but that I did have auto-retaliate on. I kept an eye on what was happening about me while watching the battle against Elvarg. I managed to conquer the Lesser Demon with all kicking. The Elvarg fight was still not yet finished, and a skeleton decided it wanted to fight me, so I conquered the horns with auto-retaliate kicking, too. I had not before tried to defeat a Lesser Demon by kicking – it was a good experience.

Which F2P monster gives the best total loot? *NOT* the most valuable single thing fall, but the maximum value during a lengthy session of beating the said given creature? I have seen a range of individuals pick level 83 cockroach soldiers at the Stronghold of Player Safety. Therefore a member finding that the cockroach soldiers give excellent drops, that does not count as a fantastic F2P fall (that is a P2P fall ).

Interesting question I found on the Runescape website

They brag about the rune moderate helmets that buy old school rs gold they’ve obtained as drops. I’ve gotten a rune moderate helm from a Lesser Demon drop, but I would NOT decide on the level 82 Lesser Demons as providing the ideal F2P drops. Ankous fall law runes; noted mithril ore; adamant arrows; noticed rune character; black robes; left handed half (for the sceptre); bones and coins.