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In short, no, there is not an FC 24 demo. At least, not yet anyway. Fans will be optimistic about a demo, but unfortunately, we don’t expect one to be released. The last time we got a demo was with FC 20. EA now opts to give players early access via a pre-order bonus or the EA Play 10-hour trial.

Is there an FC 24 demo? The FC 24 closed beta is currently live, and will likely to be as close to a demo as we will get this year. Players who opt for the EA Sports FC 24 pre-order of the Ultimate Edition will receive early access as part of their bonus package.
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This year it starts a week before release, on September 22, rather than the usual three days. EA Play subscribers will be gaining the usual 10-hour trial which comes for many games released by EA. This used to open nine days before the worldwide release of FC games.

This has now changed with FC 24 switching to three days before, aligning with the early access period for those who pre-ordered. It will stay aligned with the FC 24 early access start date, also coming a week before the worldwide release. EA Sports FC 24 Beta release date and end date

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