Outlook for Windows 11 or Windows 10 will get a new look. It will replace existing Outlook clients next year. However, a public preview will likely be available in the coming weeks. Office.Com/Myaccount


Microsoft, like other tech companies is involved in creating multiple desktop clients for services such as OneNote and Outlook. Microsoft already stated that it intends to unify OneNote on Windows. The firm also has plans to consolidate its Outlook line-up.


Microsoft is currently working internally on a new Outlook client to support Windows 10/11. The project has been dubbed “Project Monarch”. According to reports, this Outlook project is part the tech giant’s vision of “One Outlook“. It will eventually replace the existing Mail and Calendar apps that ship with Windows 11 and Windows 10.


We’ll get a new Outlook client much sooner than we expected. The first preview will be available this year, probably before Windows 11’s launch.


Microsoft’s One Outlook client has been updated. It is now called “Outlook” and comes with a beta label. This indicates that there is a public preview of the client.


The GIF below shows Outlook’s new loading animation. It is similar to the one we have on the web.


Outlook’s new client will work on Windows, macOS, and the web. Outlook’s new client will eventually replace all current Outlook desktop clients. Outlook desktop client (Win32), UWP(Mail & Calendar), and Outlook for Mac (Operation for Mac) will all be replaced. Tap On –  Office.Com/Myaccount


“One Outlook”


A new design


Microsoft teased an upgrade to Outlook earlier this year with a screenshot from the Office suite’s release notes. This screenshot shows an upcoming web version of Outlook that Microsoft will bundle with Windows 11 version 22H2 (next fall update).


Windows 11 will ship for now with the Mail & Calendar app. It will be updated with rounded corners, new WinUI controls, and new features.


The new Outlook has rounded corners and icons. They also have rounded edges.


It is important to realize that although the mockup provided by Microsoft may not be the same as the client you receive, it could look very similar.






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