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Have you ever tried and evaluated the performance playing on a EU official server and a non-EU? Are there any real latency issues like that?

I mean, for me playing outside of EU is equivalent to 300 euros as compared to playing Na is equivalent to paying 150, but I don’t play well. It’s not like it’s a big distinction for me. It’s like ease will change if I hit the wrong ability in 150 milliseconds or 300 milliseconds.

I’m not convinced, because I’ve not played on NA on the official servers. So I don’t know like perhaps it’s going to be a good idea. Even the EU servers are actually not quite as responsive as the majority of private servers for me.So you’re saying that certain private servers are actually more efficient than Yes. Oh my God. That’s crazy.

In addition, I’ve heard from others who have had a experiences similar to mine. that retail isn’t as fast I would maybe at some point in the near future attempt to create an NA account and compare it and see if it’s worth it. As a matter of fact, I don’t really play all that much in the peak hours in the evenings . I tend to play in the mornings as well. The early morning for me is essentially peak time for NA and I’m sure that it might have worked in the same way as I’d go to work at 9am, My Time Your Time and still be fine playing on the server.

I think that’s the irony you know when you stream at your preferred time, you’ll know that early on you get both the NA viewers and the EU viewers. If you are streaming on na primetime, you’ll miss out on the majority of EU viewers. Mangal considers the other LT is on in the mornings for about 1 year. It’s time to discuss the personal side of things. The launch day did you go about it on the day you did get in as soon as the announcement was made?
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