Priests are a bit difficult to play and they’re especially difficult to master, especially disc , in my opinion. Shadow isn’t the most difficult class to play, but you’ll end up in an arena or a roll in the event that you don’t know how to handle your damage as well as your shields. Roque could be a possibility of being an sto class. But the problem is that it’s also very squishy. If a second warrior gets on them it takes a significant amount of damage there. They’re basically glass cannons, and when the expansion continues, they are hit harder and they’re given more health and resilience. They’re still incredibly squishy. My opinion. I prefer assassination over subtlety.

It’s more enjoyable playing, especially to be in an arena playing against a healer DPS but subtleties infinitely more skilled and more effective for setups and for goings because it comes with twice the amount of CC and mobility. Assassinations are really effective for consistent pressure. Hunter is among the most difficult classes for in Wrath of Lich King.

There’s a lot they have to balance between their pet and personal cooldowns and melee abilities. They’re extremely strong classes, with the power of Mortal Strike, and that’s why they’re extremely well-matched with certain classes like decay, or ferals. they can be extremely strong however they are difficult to master.

Druids are ok This expansion isn’t so powerful like they were in TBC. Pharaohs are very, very, very good in Wrath of the Lich King But they’re still in a state of struggle to survive. They’re able to use more offensive abilities such as survival instincts, however they’re used a lot to cast clones, and outside of desert , they’re not always able to have massive bursts of energy. Boom, children are extremely simple to play in Wrath of Lich King.

And they’re a lot of enjoyable. They can do a lot of damage, especially in battlegrounds. If you’re able to just do a pop star, you’ll be top of the line and meters every single day it’s a bit more difficult to master in arenas. particularly difficult to master since you’ll be trained in the majority of cases to a certain extent, but good boom kids can make very high-rated pushes and even in TOS, which is awe inspiring. Resto druids are good, they’re not as good as they were in TBC however, I’d place them in the category of the role of a BT or healer.

They’re actually losing some of the toolkit that they had from TBC such as the wild charge however, they’re still powerful in terms of healing output.

Moving on to the third and final beat here. Surprisingly Warlocks and mages are also present. The problem is that they’re both very squishy in Wrath of the Lich King. Although the healing power is extremely strong however, the potential for burst is almost even stronger.

In other words, if you’re a super squishy character like mage or Warlock you’ll be shoot by ambush, you’ll be trained by a warrior with bladestorm. You’ll be a victim of a lot of damage and will be forced to defend the majority of the time. Warlocks have a lot of the toolkit that they were missing instant casting stones and demonic port, as well as the ability to allow castles to undergo absorption effects, but they’re too soft. My opinion is that they’re not viable until the end of the expansion where they will shine.

Mages are also at the bottom of this list due to the fact that they’re not only hard to manage for Wrath of the Lich King However, they’re not ones that are the most enjoyable. They’re not as fast like they were in TBC You can’t simply spam Icelands and then kill things, you’ll need to cast a little bit more often and set up more and then wait for the results, so there’s a little less to control on that side. In addition to that I’m convinced that they’re more squishy now than they were in TPC.

Although rogue mage priest remains one of the most enjoyable comps in the game. Unless you’re a god to your rogue and a god to your priest, and God to your mage, you’re probably not going to play at a high level in Wrath of the Lich King as that game will get shut down a lot more easily than been in TVC.
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