Paid course principles

The founding principles of Learninate are participation, authenticity, and equity. Paid courses are a critical part of this, as they provide teachers and content creators the opportunity to generate real monetary value from the learning they share. This privilege comes with responsibilities, which are based on our founding principles.


Paid courses on Learninate must promote active learning. There are already plenty of sites offering long, boring video lectures which learners can passively watch, or walls of text best used as a sleep aid than anything engaging to the mind.


Paid content must be created by experts. Experts don’t necessarily need formal education in their fields, but they do need experience and some background resources, such as books, articles, or videos, which demonstrate their depth of knowledge.


Our paid courses are not expensive. While most online learning demands that learners invest large amounts of money and time into a course, Learninate is based on the opposite premise: Courses should be divided into manageable slices to increase engagement, and not try to cover too much of their content area. This ensures that both the content creator and learner invest a fair amount in each other for mutual benefit.

For example, a course about ‘French Cuisine’ is less desirable than several courses about the French cuisine of ‘Ile-de-France’, ‘Bretagne’, and ‘Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur’, different regions of France.