Paid course standards

Paid courses on Learninate cost $5 per premium lesson. That means that the minimum price for a course is $5, and the maximum price is $5 times the number of premium lessons contained in the course.

The premium lesson

What makes a lesson ‘premium’ and therefore available for purchase?

Exclusive video content

A premium lesson contains 5-10 minutes of original video content. At the moment, the videos must be ‘unlisted’ on YouTube and embedded only in one Learninate lesson. If the length of video exceeds 10 minutes, it should be split into two different lessons.


A premium lesson contains some form of assessment. This could be a quiz, uploading a photo, sharing on a blog or social media post, or anything that allows the learner to verify that they have completed the lesson and apply their new knowledge.


A course may contain only one premium lesson, yet also have free content as well. However, $5 per lesson only applies to the premium lessons.