Quizzes are optional in Learninate. While they may be useful in some contexts, they are not necessary and should be primarily used to enhance learning, and not necessarily as a test of knowledge.

Quizzes are added in the Course Builder, exactly like Lessons and Topics, and also edited via the ‘Listing’ page.

Lesson Quizzes follow lessons, while Global Quizzes come at the end of a course.

The quiz editor is almost identical to the course, lesson, and topic editors, with the addition of a ‘Questions’ section. To add a question, click ‘Add new’.

Create a title for each question. Points and Category

When composing a question, use the simplest and most direct language as possible.

Any ‘Answer Type’ is acceptable, however it is advisable to select those which are automatically graded, rather than the ‘Essay/Open Answer’ option.

The example above is multiple choice. Research has shown that multiple choice questions with one correct answer out of four plausible answers can effectively gauge acquisition of knowledge.

Feel free to experiment with quizzes to make your lessons and courses more engaging and challenging for learners!