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  • You’re reading this, so you know that the internet is changing how we learn. In the past five years, my connected learning experiences have empowered me to level up every aspect of my life, particularly in the […]

  • Having explored a fairly wide variety of online learning experiences, I’ve observed plenty of wonderful content and ingenious ideas. Unfortunately, I have never seen learning content presented in a […]

  • The social network for learning, Learninate, is a free-to-use platform for sharing knowledge and skills. Anyone can use it, and so here are five examples of people who could find it useful.
    Private tutorThe […]

  • The social network for learning, Learninate, launched in June 2018. I appreciate everyone who has registered, and now would like to reach out to try to triple the number of registered users by the end of the year. […]

  • The internet is the most powerful learning technology ever created. I believe that its effects will overshadow the printing press or even writing, assuming that it hasn’t already happened. Unfortunately, while the […]

  • Our system is up and running, and you can start earning a digital badge right now! For example, earn one and become a Course Creator when you complete How to Create a Learninate Course, or by taking The Scrambled […]

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  • Where did Learninate come from? In the year 2000, I was studying at the School of Jazz at The New School in New York City. I expected to graduate two years later, having transferred all of my general credits from […]

  • It’s been a month since Learninate launched, and now more than ever I am grateful for the IDEO Futures Podcast tagline, ‘Don’t get ready. Get started.’ It’s much easier to plan too much than it is to take action. […]

    • Hello, Bart! I’ve been poking around the site on my phone (most users will be on mobile,) and I’m not sure what Learninate uniquely offers. Why would teachers come here?

      Also: Is there any chance at all that you might reconsider the name? The subconscious connections are to words with icky or negative connotations that end in “ate.” There are many other suffixes that contain more positive or powerful messages.

      I also spotted a typo in your welcome message: “Wonderful to see your here!”

      • Thanks very much for your input, Mark! It’s very helpful and I appreciate it. Learninate offers anyone the opportunity to share their knowledge, passion, and skills with the world. It seemed logical to begin by inviting teachers, especially as they represent the bulk of my online networks, but we want to welcome hobbyists, craftspeople, DIY experts, etc, as well.

    • What you describe sounds a lot like many other social media sites, including Google Groups and Facebook.. What differentiates this one?

      • This site has functionality to organize content into courses and lessons, with much potential to customize and design content than existing
        social networks. Future developments will include badges and opportunities to monetize content.

  • A manifesto is a usually a detailed documentation of complaints or grievances, followed by a philosophical or practical commitment to correct them. It’s also a statement of values and guiding principles for a […]

    • Hey Bart,

      Thanks for including me in this community. I am not sure about the whole manifesto idea, nevertheless I can appreciate your focus on agency and modeling democracy principles in our role as teachers. I am looking forward to being part of this journey with other educators in Learninate. I agree that teaching and learning has to go through a transformation if we are to meet the challenges of being a global citizen in the digital age. I am especially interested in empowering my students to be self directed learners and to be part of a community striving for positive change. Being a teacher of color teaching in an immigrant community there is so much work that still needs to be done for equity in our society. I guess, that is why I am here.

    • When you first posted this, my immediate response was ,”Nah.”

      And then I finished the “study” part of the scrambled eggs course. I’ve changed my mind.

      When I left teaching just a year ago, e-learning was still, at least in my school, just tool replacement. Instead of reading a paper text, read it online. Instead of writing with paper and pen, type on your district-provided laptop. I felt like I was ahead of the game by assigning 20% time for students to study what they had a passion for and give an end-of-year presentation, but even then, the research could have been done using books in a traditional library setting.

      After my experience with the scrambled eggs, though, I don’t think that’s your vision for Learninate.

      I hate to cook. Scrambled eggs is practically a staple food. I know how to make them. Grudgingly, because I want to help get Learninate going, I decided to do the course work, make some eggs and post a picture of my eggs. But by the time I finished the videos, I was EXCITED to make scrambled eggs incorporating a little technique from this chef, another from that one. I decided I really wanted to try Gordon Ramsey’s croissant toast and smoked salmon base. I priced the stuff out at Costco. Kind of a lot of money for one person’s breakfast, and I know I would end up pitching most of the food out. So I decided to take it up a level. Invite some friends, maybe former colleagues on summer break. Call it a Learninate Launch party. My friends enjoy wine, so learning about scrambled eggs has led me to learning a little about wine. What does one serve with scrambled eggs on a smoked salmon base? I may have to confer with an expert! And since my friends will be there, I can have one record me while I make the eggs and explain which elements I learned from the course.

      And there, I believe, is the point of Learninate. Not using the computer as a tool for the same old learning, but to inspire learners to use the site as a base from which to launch into some new learning. Willingly. Excitedly.

      And that may be why you need a manifesto.

      Or maybe not. Maybe it’s more powerful – and more to the point – for us to experience it for ourselves.

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  • Now that a few eggs of awareness for Learninate have been laid, why not try to kickstart the project of building the social network for learning with a fun challenge?

    To demonstrate the ease, enjoyment, and […]

  • At Learninate, everyone is both a learner and a teacher. Indeed, the highest mode of learning is teaching, and the best teachers are those who are as much engaged in learning as their students.

    That’s why […]

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