The Learninate #ScrambledEggs Challenge

Now that a few eggs of awareness for Learninate have been laid, why not try to kickstart the project of building the social network for learning with a fun challenge?

To demonstrate the ease, enjoyment, and engagement of informal learning, I scrambled up a short course, How To Make Scrambled Eggs. In the course, you are invited to browse a collection of embedded YouTube videos. Then, you are challenged to try your own recipe and techniques, shoot and upload a photo, and finally share your creation on one of your other favorite social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Be sure to tag your post #scrambledeggs and mention Learninate!


  1. JOE

    I remember being part a program a few years back that brought cooking to the classroom. It was sponsored by local farmers. My students love it when I cook for them.