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A huge part Learninate’s mission is to celebrate learning. One of the best 21st Century ways to celebrate is to share a digital photo. Whenever possible, Learninate lessons should invite learners to share pictures of their creations and accomplishments.

image CC BY 2.0 by tiarescott via Flickr

For learners to upload a photo for an assignment, first tick the ‘Upload Assignment’ box in Features.

Most settings for uploading assignments are optional. For example ‘Auto Approve Assignment’ means that whatever a learner uploads, it will automatically be given credit and the teacher does not need to review it. However, for the sake of privacy, please tick the box for ‘Allow Student to Delete own Assignment(s)’. This will help prevent anyone from accidentally or embarrassingly infringing on their own or others’ privacy.

Allowed File Extensions should be limited to JPEG (.jpg) and PNG (.png) only. Please leave the default allowed file size as is.